Installation and Strap Locks Operation

how to install strap locksInstalling Guitar Strap Lock Buttons on your Axe:

  1. Remove the screws holding your current axe's two strap buttons.
  2. With the screw out, you can see how deep the screw hole is - our Swivelok screws need a hole at least 7/8" deep. If the original holes are not 7/8" deep, use a 7/64" (0.109") drill to extend to 7/8" deep.
  3. Use a bit of wax or bar soap on the screws before anchoring the strap lock buttons with them.
  4. Using a Phillips head screw driver, tighten so the button is nice and snug. Do not overtighten!

Installing Swivelok Guitar Strap Locking Pins on Strap:

  1. As shown in diagrams on this page, slip the lock pin through the recessed washer.
  2. Insert lock pin through the guitar strap hole.
  3. Finally slip the flat washer over the pin body and against guitar strap. Be sure you are holding the strap so that the pin enters from what you want to be the 'outside' side of the strap.
  4. Snap the supplied 'E-clip' onto the groove on the locking mechanism's shaft to secure the assembly at this point. A pair of pliers can be used to do this.
  5. Put a drop of light lubricating oil inside the shaft (where the 4 balls protrude) before using. WD-40 works fine, or any light oil. It is very important to keep the mechanism lubricated so internal parts are free-moving!

Strap Locks Operation

  1. To Lock: Press lock pin plunger and insert into receptacle; then release plunger. Pull on strap to ensure that it is secure.
  2. To Unlock: Press lock pin plunger and remove from receptacle; release plunger.
  3. Periodically maintain your Swivlok quick release mechanism by keeping the lock pin plunger and bearings lubricated. A cotton swab and light oil can be used for this.

Swivelok Guitar Strap Locks from are fully interchangeable with Dunlop style strap locks.