Swivelok Strap Locks Product Details

nickel finish straplocksSwivelok guitar strap locks from Straplocks.com give you superior locking quality at a fraction of the price offered by competitors. There's no need to sacrifice quality when you can have our guaranteed locking mechanism in the original Dunlop guitar strap lock style.

Our Swivelok guitar strap locks are fully interchangeable with the original Dunlop guitar strap locks. Your strap lock order comes with two complete strap locks in black or nickel finish -- your choice.

Bring your guitar alive! Jump! Spin! Swing that axe in any direction and your strap will always remain locked on to your guitar, yet still be able to swivel 360 degrees for complete freedom of movement! We give you added security with a thick wide-flanged button to keep the strap button from pulling through the guitar strap slot. The ball lock design lets you fasten the strap in any position and still have full rotation in any direction.

Swivelok strap locks are easy to use. With the push of a button, your strap will lock onto your axe, yet still be able to rotate in any direction. Once the guitar strap locks are seated, the strap locks can not possibly come apart. The lock will only come apart when the plunger of the guitar strap lock is released. A simple push of the button releases the secure guitar strap lock.

Like all others who manufacture this style of strap lock, we inherited the locking mechanism from Lockheed, who developed this time-tested design in the early 1970s for the military to secure cargo nets inside their airplanes. It was designed to hold hundreds of pounds of cargo, and the military used several in a row to hold tons of weight. The guitar straplock is much smaller, of course, and rarely needs to hold anywhere near that type of weight. Ours, however, will hold the benchmark of 800 lbs with ease, which is why we promote Swivelok strap locks for so many diverse uses. Of course when attached to a guitar, applying hundreds of pounds of force will pull the screw out of the guitar -- so don't try to test it that way.

With the ability to hold hundreds of pounds weight or pressure and never come apart, Swivelok strap locks have an unlimited number of uses and applications. Many of our buyers use them to fasten bags or tarps, securing valuable cargo, equipment, structures, and tools. Let us know how you are using your Swivelok strap locks.

The Swivelok guitar strap lock has been manufacture with two key features: smooth action and interchangeability. The strap lock has four hardened steel balls to secure the pin into the guitar strap lock button or receptor, which is also made of heat-treated, hardened steel for life-time use. With this process, we are able to obtain a smooth, long-lasting strap lock. Our 'in-process' gauging guarantees its interchangeability with ours and the Dunlop style presently on the market.