Three Year Warranty on our Swivelok Strap Locks

boy playing guitar with strap locksWe're so confident of the construction quality of our Swivelok strap locks that we offer you a THREE YEAR WARRANTY on all of our guitar strap locks including a three year no rust warranty. If anything goes wrong with your Swivelok strap locks we will replace it at no cost to you. Just give us a call and we will send you replacement Swivelok guitar strap locks.

There are many distributors who sell similarly designed strap locks but they can't tell you why it fails because they didn't manufacture the product they sell. We are the sole manufacturer of Swivelok strap locks in the USA. The smooth action and circular rotation of the strap while releasing the plunger and hardened steel balls that move easily without sticking is the result of years of manufacturing quality control. In addition, our 'in-process' gauging is what gives our product years of interchangeability.

"When I go to my Grampa's house for Christmas, my guitar strap works on his guitars that are 30 years older than mine! Now, that's interchangeability!"

Contact us to resolve a problem or replace a part: Swivelok Sales, 2283 Camel Rd., Benicia, CA 94510,